11 Pirates Sentenced up to 16 years for Kidnapping 17 fishermen

By Piracy
Supreme Court of Seychelles sent 11 Somali pirates to jail with sentences between 18 months and 16 years. Pirates were convicted and sentenced of preparing piracy acts and managing a pirate ship in the period of 7-11 May.

On May 11th, 2012 pirate's ship was sighted suspicious fishing dow and towing two skiffs about 720 km. off the Somali coast by a Lynyx warship's helicopter. Somali pirates were captured by a frigate of the Royal Netherlands Navy, HLMS Van Amstel.

About 17 hostages were found onboard the Somali pirate's vessel by the Royal Netherlands Navy frigate and 11 suspected Somali pirates after boarding team of the Dutch navy approached the dhow.

After the boarding team took the suspected pirates on board of their frigate conducted investigation on the pirate's ship. Solid evidence for piracy acts were found on the pirate's ship, which linked the 11 armed suspected pirates to the pirate attack of the Super Lady tanker ship that occurred few days before the event.

All the 17 hostages that were found on the pirate's ship were Indian fishermen, reported in good condition.

The Dutch Navy frigate contributed warships to the European union Naval Force since the European Union counter piracy started in December 2008.