Number of migrants that perished near Lampedusa, Italy exceeds 230

By Accidents

The tragedy of the ship that was carrying migrants and capsized near Lampedusa, Italy could become the worst maritime tragedy in the recent history. The number of corpses found so far is over 230. Divers are using that the weather conditions permit the search of the perished migrants deep in the sea.

The fishing ship that was smuggling 500 African migrants to Europe sank near the coast of the Italian island Lampedusa. According to information more and more bodies have been discovered.
The most of the people that perished are missing and probably are 50m under the water trapped in the sunken fishing boat.

The tragedy is on its way to become the ship wreck with the biggest number of perished people in the Mediterranean. The European Union is about to consider the policy for immigration in order to achieve results. A lot of people from Africa and the Middle East are trying to escape their countries with the idea for better life far from the political riots and the misery.  

The French Foreign Minister announced:
"The Mediterranean cannot remain a huge cemetery under the open skies,"

The immigration problem is expected to be topic of discussion in the EU interior ministers' meeting. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has the intention to go to Lampedusa and to see the situation and the whole problem with the migrants trying to reach the European Union.

Statistics shows that a large number of people is hoping for refugee status. The centre for refugees in Lampedusa is now a "home" for the survivors(155). The migrants that survived are trying to say the names of the people that died in the tragedy.

Most of the people that were on board the sunken fishing ship were from Eritrea. Politicians consider measures that must be taken in order to prevent future similar tragedies. Italy has difficulties with the migrants that are coming and cannot deal with the situation, obviously the European Union must interfere.

The survivors are too much for the local migrant centre and many of them have to sleep outside the building. The centre in Lampedusa is built for 250 people and not there are present more than 1,000. In general migrants must stay in the centre for a few days but they stay for weeks.