Tuesday (Apr23), the vessel ZHEN HUA 19 moored to the berth of the NUTEP Container Terminal carrying the ZPMC equipment for the new deep-water container berth No. 38, constructed by the company in 2019 as a part of the investment project: 3 STS cranes, 4 RTG cranes and 2 reach stackers.

The contracts for the supply of the three STS and four RTG were signed in June 2017; the reach stackers were ordered in January 2019. The overall contract value is USD 22.5 million under the DAT terms.

The new STS with a track gage of 18 m, a cantilever span of 54 m and a lifting height above the berth of 40 m are the largest on the Russian Black sea coast, allowing NUTEP to handle vessels up to 10,000 TEUs.

Apart from the unique STS, the terminal received four RTG for handling stacks of 7+1 in width and 5+1 in height, and 2 reach stackers with a capacity of 45 tons.

The equipment was loaded onboard on January 28, it took less than three months for it to reach the port of Novorossiysk. The unloading, setup and commissioning will take 40 days depending on weather conditions. The vessel crew, 35 specialists from ZPMC and IPSK, St. Petersburg, will participate in the assembly of the equipment.

The berth No. 38 construction project is being implemented as part of the investment program that involves construction of the berth No. 38 as well as developing the terminal area by concreting for additional storage space and switching the terminal to RTG technology that will increase its storage density.

The investment project will increase the capacity of NUTEP from the existing 350 thous. TEUs to 700 thous. TEUs, the storage capacity from 12,000 TEUs to 15,000 TEUs on the berth and up to 19,000 TEUs at the terminal area. NUTEP will be able to receive and handle vessels up to 10,000 TEUs. Moreover, the new berth will reduce the shipping cost for container lines.

DeloPorts is a holding company that owns and operates stevedore assets of Delo Group in the port of Novorossiysk. DeloPorts consolidates NUTEP Container Terminal, KSK Grain Terminal and Delo Service Company.

NUTEP is located in the South-Eastern cargo district of the port of Novorossiysk. The terminal operates 4 berths (two container berths and 2 Ro-Ro).

In 2018 NUTEP handled 332,756 TEUs, a + 9.6% growth year on year. NUTEP holds the first place in the port of Novorossiysk by the containers handling volume with a 43% share and it holds the fifth place among the ports of the Russian Federation with a share of 6.5%.

Source: NUTEP