'Hard drugs' found by Russian investigators on Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise

By Curious

"Illegal" drugs were found by Russian authorities on board the detained Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise. Weeks ago Greenpeace activists were detained after an attempt of boarding an oil platform owned by Gazprom. The investigators discovered on board the ship drugs, poppy straw and morphine. Poppy straw is famous with its usage in the production of heroin or morphine.

The organization Greenpeace does not agree with the allegations for transportation of illegal drugs. The non-governmental environmental organization explained that the Russian investigators was talking to medical ship supplies that were needed according to the maritime law.

The Greenpeace activists are still in jail after their protest actions were considered as "pirate attack" after an attempt of boarding a Russian oil rig. The environmental organization is worried about the welfare of the arrested activists.

Arctic Sunrise is Dutch-flagged and the Netherlands asked Russia to free the ship and the arrested Greenpeace activists in Murmansk.
The jailed passengers now faces serious charges after new evidence of the "hard drugs" were discovered. Russian investigators found also suspicious equipment, that only makes the things serious for the arrested Greenpeace activists.

Investigators will try to find the person who was "deliberately ramming" the Coast Guard boats along the Russian border. Greenpeace organization denied allegations with the drugs on board the ship Arctic Sunrise informing that illegal drugs are now allowed on board their ships.

The non-governmental organization announced information that before Arctic Sunrise went to the Arctic, the ship passed standard check conducted by Norwegian authorities with a sniffer dog. It is known that Norwegian law is one of the strictest. Nothing illegal was found after the search operation.

Background information:

Russian military forces stormed the Greenpeace owned Arctic Sunrise ship and arrested all crew members because of the threat over a Gazprom oil platform. Greenpeace activists have been protesting against oil exploration in the Arctic but they went to far in their actions. Armed Russian Guards boarded the Arctic Sunrise and took measures, the activists were "aggressive and provocative" according to Russian authorities. The crew members of the Greenpeace owned ship tried to interrupt the work of a state owned Russian(Gazprom) oil rig. 

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