The Carnival "Cheers" program is an “All-Inclusive Cruise Alcohol Included” beverage package deal. Previously known as “My Awesome Bar Program”,  today it's the newest "All-You-Can-Drink" flat-rate priced drink package of Carnival Cruise Lines. The "Cheers" beverage package is provided in the form of a pass-card which costs USD 57.45 per day (15% gratuity inclusive).

21 years of age or older Carnival Cruise Lines passengers must purchase the "Cheers" package on the day of embarkation or the next day. The places for signing up are ships' Lobby- and Casino bars, as well as the main swimming pool bars.

The most important feature of the Carnival "Cheers" package is that it includes up to fifteen per day (“almost unlimited”) number of alcoholic drinks. Also included are unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (soda and frozen non-alcoholic cocktails) and wine by the glass. Drinks must have maximum bar menu price of $10. For drinks which cost more is offered a 25% discount.

Some of the imposed by Carnival Cruise Lines "Cheers" program restrictions include the following:

- It is not permitted to share Carnival all-inclusive drinks.

- “Cheers" program must be purchased from each adult in the same cabin.

- A single passenger is not permitted to buy multiple drinks at once- only one drink must be ordered at a time, with a 15-minute interval in between.

- Drinks from mini bars and room-service drinks are not included.

- After the 15th drink is being served, Carnival staff decide whether to continue serving or not. 

Expect in the very near future  Carnival's “all-you-can-drink” cruise package to be available on all the Fun Ships. So, party loving guys, know your limits and drink responsibly!