VIDEO: Man Jumps from the Staten Island Ferry

By Accidents

According to NYPD Harbor Patrol, a white man in his 40s survived after his jump from Staten Island-bound on Thursday at nearly 1:17 pm. The man climbed over a railing on the boat and than jumped from the top level of the Staten Island-bound Samuel I. Newhouse.

Fannie Singh, a witness from New Brighton, saw the man. He dove into the cold water jumping from the C. His arms were out like Superman.

NYPD Harbor Patrol boats and a private rescue boat were engaged in the rescue operation.

A spokesman from NYPD reported that the jumper is in the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn. His life is not threaten and he will be treated and evaluated there.

Will Vargas, resident of West Brighton is also a witness. He describes the man's hands were like he was ready to jump from a cliff. Than the man just jumped from the upper level straight into the water.

The same story tells and the third witness. Alexis Singh saw the man jumping straight ahead when the cops were approaching running.

The ferry also attempted to rescue the man. Staten Island Ferry reversed its course and went back to Manhattan. It stopped there and the crew throw an orange life preserver in the sea.

The ferry passengers were all around the ferry windows and doors. Lee T. Moran from Moran Shipyard in Port Richmond, one of the tugboat workers, lowered a floating device and a ladder into the water in his attempt to rescue the man.

According to West Brighton, from William Bruder, in the water the man was with his hands up in the air. He was taken out the water from the NYPD Harbor Patrol units and he looked conscious. More drama was added to the scene by a police helicopter whirling overhead.

Still not confirmed by the police is another witness story – that a police diver went into the cold waters to save the man.

Due to the incident, the ferry docked in St. George about 15 minutes after it had sailed from Whitehall Terminal.