People in Distress rescued by Royal Caribbean's cruise ship

By Accidents
A couple sailing on Royal Caribbean's cruise ship, Jewel of the Seas, fell asleep onboard, while they were enjoying the wind and the waves and suddenly woke up to screams and cries for help in late September.

"'Hey! Hey! Help! Help!' " Nagy recalled hearing. "They were yelling and whistling, and we jumped up to run out to the balcony. If my wife hadn't opened the door, I'm not sure we would have heard them."
Kendra Nagy and her husband, Roy, could not see anyone in the dark night, at around 4 a.m., but they were sure that they had heard people yelling for help. The yelling voices were becoming softer and softer as the cruise ship was going forward to St. Martin but Roy Nagy thought that there were people overboard.

The master of the cruise ship, Captain Tore Olsen stopped the cruise after he was informed by the vessel's main desk for people overboard. Jewel of the Seas' captain instantly issued an alarm throughout the cruise vessel that someone was overboard and dispatched vessel to check out. Fortunately, the sent research ship came back with 3 Americans that had been in the water approximately 10 hours.

"They shined a spotlight in the water, and we could see a person waving his arms frantically, so we were thrilled that somebody was going to be rescued," Nagy said. "They were without food, water and floating without life jackets for hours, so they were in real tough shape."
The 3 Americans capsized with their speed vessel 10 hours before they were rescued by the Royal Caribbean cruise ship's crew. Bottom of the capsized ship had filled with water and capsized just as it was getting dark, said one of the rescued Americans. Their speed boat capsized off the St. Thomas coast, while they were heading to St. Croix.

Once onboard their saviour, the 3 Americans were sheltered, provided fresh water, food and medical treatment.

"We met them the next morning, and they hugged us and thanked us, saying we saved their lives," Nagy said Wednesday at the Billerica Boys & Girls Club, where he's the executive director. "It was very emotional for all of us. I'm just so happy these guys survived.

"It's something you won't ever forget," he added. "It makes you realize how fragile life can be."
He also said that Kendra and Roy Nagy became real celebrities during the rest part of the cruise voyage. Roy Nagy and his wife were even invited by the cruise ship's captain, Tore Olsen, for a visit, where they were told about past rescues and they were thanked for alerting the situation.