Cyclone Phailin - 18 crew members rescued from drowning

By Accidents

The cyclone Phailin has threatened 18 people (in their ship m.v. Bingo) that had to leave their cargo ship and were found in a lifeboat by a Coast Guard Dornier aircraft. The incident was just 28 nautical miles northeast of Balasore in Odisha.

Crew members had to leave the sinking ship. The cyclone Phailin off West Bengal made the life of the crew members hard. 17 Chinese and 1 Indonesia were fighting for their life despite the bad weather conditions. The Coast Guard reacted quickly and saved the people.

Coast Guard Commandant Rajendra Nath announced:

"The crew had abandoned the ship after it started sinking 24 miles south of Sagar Island. All of them are safe now and they have been sent to a hospital for check-up,"

MV Bingo is registered in Panama and was transporting 8,000 tons of iron to China after leaving Sagar. Just 24 hours later the ship and the crew members went missing.

Coast Guard officials reported:

"However, no trace of the ship has been found yet and it is presumed to be sunk,"

The Captain of the sunken ship had to change the direction because of the cyclone Phailin and possibly have made a try to come back to the port after ship was damaged by the bad weather conditions.

Ships are not advised to come back to any port when there are in rough seas in order to avoid damage, instead captains should stay in open sea.