VIDEO - Fire on board the carrier Super Sun in Yangtze river

By Accidents
Super Sun ship was carrying timber of the Yangtze river in Eastern China when a fire started. The cargo ship burst in flames for unknown reason, there are no details available for the moment but the flames started probably in the engine room. The interesting in the whole story is that the cargo of wood is intact. All 23 crew members were quickly rescued by another ship that had to move close enough in order sailors to jump on board.

The fire on Super Sun cargo ship was extinguished in no time with the help of sent to the location boats and tugs. The cargo ship is registered in Panama and only thanks to the quick actions of the the rescue teams crew members are safe. As you can see on the video below the rescue operation is impressive.

It is a miracle that the fire did not spread on the cargo(timber). Super Sun cargo ship IMO number 8122969, deadweight 18791, built 30 years ago, long 137 meters, wide 22 meters. Managing company is from Taiwan. In the moment the vessel is disabled.