Underwater Internet, is it possible?

By Curious

Is it possible for a WiFi network to work under water? There are scientists that make some tests and are trying to make the unthinkable idea work. The communication network is designed to be operational in deep sea.

Why to set up an internet connection under the water, is it for the creatures living there?
This extreme idea will benefit the systems tracking tsunamis, different processes and other important things. Now the communication with these systems is difficult. Oil exploration, maritime surveillance and marine pollution systems for example are difficult to be monitored because of the lack of proper communication.

A team of scientists from Buffalo, New York believe that they can implement the "deep-sea Internet". They have planned everything and their idea is based on the sound wave technology for creating the network. Above water people use radio waves. Creatures in the water communicate with each other with the help of the sound waves. Marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins have to "talk" with the help of sound.

What technology is used now?
The data gathered from the systems is sent to surface bouys, which transform acoustic waves to radio waves and then all of the information is sent to the satellites. The new communication network represents a standardized infrastructure built for transmitting data from existing sensor networks, directly to the internet we use.

The first test was conducted in in Lake Erie, near to Buffalo and results showed a success.
Lead researcher, Tommaso Melodia, announced:

"A submerged wireless network will give us an unprecedented ability to collect and analyse data from our oceans in real time,".

The project "deep-sea Internet" will be a huge breakthrough, Mr Melodia and students have developed an IP-compatible Protocol Stack for Commercial Undersea Modems.

Why radio waves are not used for the project?
Radio waves are almost useless under water.

There are similar systems around the world but there is no a common standard for sharing information. Many marine applications could be developed such as apps for military purposes, surveillance of marine mammals protecting them from the marine traffic, detecting weather changes(tornado) and more.