U.S. warship San Antonio rescues another 120 migrants en route to Malta

By Accidents
The Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, chastised the European Union for its inaction in the problem with illegal immigrants and underlined that Maltese resources were stretched beyond the limit, after another 120 irregular immigrants, sailing en route to Malta were rescued.

Prime Minister Muscat blamed the EU for its inaction and stated that the EU should pay "a human price." According to his words, the Maltese government would act in the interest of the people and "nothing was excluded."

“They were in distress, I do not want to witness another tragedy,” stated Dr. Muscat, who was speaking on a visit to a cancer hospital in Jerusalem last night.

He added that the rescued irregular migrants were being transported to Malta because it was the nearest port to the scene they were found out.

A dinghy with almost 120 Somali migrants was spotted 75 nautical miles off Malta by a plane of the Armed Forces of Malta. The dinghy was later boarded by the USS warship, San Antonio.

Armed Forces of Malta dispatched a patrol vessel in the rough seas to secure temporary protection.

Earlier, Dr Muscat said: “It is unacceptable that European politicians only wake up when people die and I suspect that even if people do die there will be some who remain hardheaded.”

Requested to say some words about the emergency declared in Sicily and the Italian authorities’ decision to consider Lampedusa an unsafe port, the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated: "this put more pressure on Malta."

“Before taking any decisions I will wait for the EU council meeting next week to see what concrete action is taken but at the moment we are doing more than our resources allow us to,” he said, adding that he was in constant contact with the Italian Government.