Elgin Platform's gas Leaking is on way to be stopped by "Total"

By Accidents

According to confirmation on Saturday morning (31 March) that the flare up on the Elgin Platform has extinguished itself, Total is currently preparing operations to regain control of the leaking well. With respect to stopping the leak, Total has started 2 main actions, which are progressing in parallel.
- The 1-st action plan is to carry out the well control operation using a floating maintenance ship and pumping mud into the well. This solution would require re-boarding the platform. The Group is currently working in cooperation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to agree terms under which regaining entry to the Elgin platform can be undertaken safely.
Once the platform is accessed, advanced preparations for controlling the well can go on. Total has clarified and is sourcing the necessary maintenance ships required to facilitate the action. 2 suitable ships have been sent, 1 boat and 1 rig. Each of the ships identified has special dynamic positioning capability, making them most suitable for the operation planned.
- The second action plan relates to drilling a relief well and a backup relief well. Total has already mobilized 2 rigs to drill these wells; both will move to Elgin on final suspension of current actions. The 1-st is the SEDCO 714, currently drilling on the Fettercairn field 400kms to the North of Elgin. The 2-nd the ROWAN GORILLA V, is currently drilling on the West Franklin field just 6kms from Elgin. To support the widest possible range of options, other drilling rigs are also being considered.
The are also 2 other key ships standing by on location. One is an ROV (Remote Operate Vehicle) deployment ship to carry out underwater investigations in the area of the Elgin platform; the 2-nd similar ship is on standby to conduct seabed surveys of possible areas for relief wells. Both ships are currently awaiting optimum sea conditions before they can be deployed. Reconnaissance and monitoring of the site by aircraft and fire fighting ships continues.