Update - Kiel Canal collision between SIDERFLY and CORAL IVORY

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Early in the morning yesterday, two ships, SIDERFLY and CORAL IVORY collided in the south part of the Kiel Canal. SIDERFLY was slightly damaged but is stabilized in the moment. The exact reason for the ship collision is not yet known. Future investigation will show who is responsible for the accident.

Read more about the collision and see the video AIS replay here.

SIDERFLY is stabilized, tugs is helping the ship that has 2 holes from the hit. There is also visible an oil leak. Local authorities is trying to minimize the damage to the environment. 

Photo Credits: © Havariekommando

Photo Credits: © Havariekommando

VIDEO from the location of the collision:

Background information:
There was a collision between the vessels SIDERFLY and CORAL IVORY that lead to closure of the Kiel Canal. The ship SIDERFLY is slightly damaged. The accident happened early in the morning yesterday in 2am (UTC) in the south part of the canal.