Greenpeace criticizes Shell's plans to drill Alaska for oil

By Curious
Greenpeace announced that the CFO of Shell, Simon Henry, declared that Shell is preparing to construct oil platform in the Arctic area of Alaska. Ben Ayliffe, head of the campaign of Greenpeace International against drilling the Arctic for oil commented the situation with a notably negative attitude.

Ben Ayliffe, said that Shell are launching ambitious projects just to convince the shareholders that Shell is stable and thus back up company's positions. He also added that "the facts tell a different story. Brushing off the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars and casually scrapping a drilling platform are not the actions of a company in control of its operations", giving more details on Shell's situation. 

According to Ben Ayliffe's analysis, Shell had already proved that they are not able to drill the Arctic in an environmentally responsible way, an area "where any spill would be an environmental disaster". The contract signed with the Russian state owned Gazprom, one of the main polluting oil corporations in the world, that traditionally ignores environmental standards, was a consequence of the limited abilities of Shell to act on the market. Shell, simply put their reputation at stake, unlike other players in the industry that prefer to stay away from projects that seem to be dangerous.  

Ben Ayliffe, also included the problem with the 30 people staying in jail in Russia, after the peaceful protest action of Greenpeace International. He said that while Shell executives draw the next steps in their hazardous plans to search for Arctic oil, enjoying the conveniences of their Amsterdam headquarters, 30 peaceful people "languish in a Russian jail". Ben Ayliffe announced that millions of people are ready to stand against Shell or any other company intending to drill the Arctic ocean for oil. 

The 30 people jailed in Russia are not all Greenpeace activists. The photographer and the video operator are independent. The other 28 are part of the organization. They are accused in hooliganism.