Ship sinks in the Aegean Sea, captain is missing

By Accidents
The freighter MV Stella sank in Aegean Sea 3 days ago. The captain of the ship is missing but the crew is rescued. MV Stella sank in unclear circumstances. The search for the missing captain continues.

It is known on board were 6 Georgians and the ship sank 20 nautical miles west of Karpathos, Greece. People on board had sent a distress signal.
Greek Coast Guard showed in the location of the incident to rescue 5 of the crew members. After the signal for help a helicopter was sent to the location of the tragedy. Rescued crew members were sent to a hospital on the island of Rhodes.

MV Stella is an old ship built in 1967 and was sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone. The last available information is that the freighter had left the Turkish port Aliaga and was sailing to Cyprus without cargo.

It was told that the rescue efforts will continue only for 72 hours.
The 5 crew members will return to Georgia. The owner of the ship will pay the costs for the transportation of the rescued crew members.
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