Costa Concordia wreck Winterization process in progress

By Curious
Costa Concordia is in preparations for the winterization operation that will cover the wreck of the damaged cruise ship at Giglio island.

The entire process of bracing to connect the wreck to the platform has been already completed at all.

So far all 12 steel braces have been installed on the platform #2, eight installed on platform #1 and #3.

The operations of grouting, aiming to connect both sections of the braces are currently in progress: platform #2 works have been already completed and the work process is scheduled to be completed for the other 2 platforms within the next few days.

Eventually, the entire process of grouting operations for the Costa Concordia wreck are also continuing - current status of completions if on 54%.

Previous information on the Costa Concordia wreck removal:
Costa Crociere, owner of Costa Concordia, appointed Boskalis' branch Dockwise to remove the wrecked ship from Giglio island waters.

Dockwise, a branch of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. with 100% Boskalis share in it, won a contract to move the wrecked Costa Concordia off the coast of Giglio. After the successful raising of the Concordia, the owner of the ship Costa Crociere examined various ways of moving Costa Concordia to a place with Dockwise Vanguard. An extraordinary operation is planned, the huge cruise liner will be loaded on a Dockwise Vanguard's globally unmatched vessel. Costa Crociere are still having talks with the Italian authorities, concerning the place where the scrapping operations will take place. Committing them in Italy is an option.

The contract between Costa Crociere and Dockwise Vanguard include some changes to be made on their vessel to provide capacity for the load of Costa Concordia. The operations are planned to begin in the middle of next year. The contract is at the amount of approximately $ 30 million.