Tallink Grupp Friday launched an international name search for its new shuttle vessel, the construction of which is due to kick-off at the Rauma shipyard in Finland early next year (2020).

Tallink Grupp Launches Name Search For New Shuttle Vessel

The shuttle vessel, which will be similar to the group’s newest vessel Megastar, operating on the Tallinn-Helsinki route since January 2017, will be completed by the end of 2021 and delivered to Tallink Grupp in January 2022. The new vessel will then start operating on the Tallinn-Helsinki route, providing conveniently frequent departures between the twin capitals of Estonia and Finland.

The contract for the construction of the new vessel was signed between Tallink Grupp and Rauma Marine Constructions in April 2019 and now the Baltic Sea shipping giant would like to find a name the new vessel before the construction begins in early 2020.

Anyone over the age of 18 can enter this international competition, the prize for which includes a unique opportunity to travel on the maiden voyage of the new ship in January 2022.

"Our ships are like family members to us – to our employees, our customers, to the shipping enthusiasts around the Baltic Sea and wider afield. And naming a new family member is a great responsibility, but also a great honour.

"We therefore want to offer this opportunity to all the shipping enthusiasts out there to have the honour of naming Tallink Grupp’s new vessel, which will be designed to lead the way in modern, innovative and green shipping," Paavo Nõgene, CEO of Tallink Grupp said.

The competition is open from today and names for the new vessel can be proposed by filling in a form on Tallink Grupp’s website www.tallink.com/competition. The competition is open for entries until 31 August 2019 and the winning name will be selected by the company’s Management Board by the end of September this year.

Source: Tallink