Maersk-Rickmers to Perform Heavy-Lifting for U.S. Navy

By Curious
The US flagged carrier of Maersk, Maersk-Rickmers, that was created to lift and move large loads was employed by the US navy to transport two support craft, each of them over 100 tons, with the heavier of them weighing 220 tons.

The 2 craft were placed on Maersk-Rickmers, using onboard Maersk Texas cranes. These operations took place on the US West Coast. After them, the Maersk Rickmers sailed on through the Pacific Ocean to ports of discharge.

Maersk Texas has another serious task. The company is assigned to move equipment for a power plant in Turkey, that is constructed in the USA. The production of the equipment, was supported by the Export-Import Bank of the USA. The equipment is a key element in a power generation project in Turkey, with key Turkish participant, the industrial company Habas.

The future combined cycle power plant of Habas will produce 800 megawatt and thus supply about million households with electricity. Export-Import Bank finances exports of US corporations for infrastructure projects in Turkey, as this country is permanently growing. Export-Import Bank also finances US export to other 8 eight growth countries.

Gordon Van Hook, Senior Director at Maersk Line, Limited expressed the corporate content of the fact that their US civil and military customers appreciate the 2 Maersk heavy-lift ships. Gordon Van Hook particularly said:

"We’re pleased to move military craft and support Ex-Im financed projects all over the world. The ships’ value to customers is evident in the business we’re receiving."

He also commented that Maersk are waiting for the future traveling to Alaska, as Maersk Illinois will make a special journey to the Antarctic McMurdo Station research center. The crew there, consists of males and females and Maersk ship will bring them provisions, thus supporting the US Antarctic problem of the  

National Science Foundation’s (NSF). The logistical support of Maersk is part of the so called Operation Deep Freeze. Maersk was hired, in support of NSF, by the U.S. Military Sealift Command.