Ship Nour M detained in Aegean Sea for carrying weapons

By Vessels

The vessel Nour M has been detained after Greece Coast Guard detected weapons on board. Nour M was sailing from Ukraine under the flag of Sierra Leone. The coast guard found a lot of weapons and explosives without proper documentation. The current position of the ship Nour M is Rhodes.

The ship has been stopped near the island of Symi. The master of the vessel (Huseyin Yılmaz) explained that was sailing to the Turkish port, Iskenderun. Additional information shows that the weapons and explosives could be transported to Tartus, Syria and Tripoli, Lybia.

The captain is citizen of Turkey and has been arrested together with all 7 crew members. According to local media information the vessel Nour M was transporting 20, 000 AK-47 and 50 containers of explosives and was in Nikolaev, Ukraine on October 25, then for a few day in Istanbul. Nour M has dark past because previously was carrying drugs. 

Huseyin Yılmaz informed that the ship was not carrying illegal weapons, they had to be transported to the Libyan Defense Ministry. He said:

"There are no explosives or weapons on board. I and my crew are going crazy. I learned the claims that the ship was carrying 20,000 Kalashnikovs and explosives from the press. I have sailed for 40 years, and this is the first time that such a thing has happened to me,"

The captain protested against the allegations against him and its crew:

"The ship had on board containers that we loaded in Ukraine to be transported to the Tripoli port and then delivered to the Libyan Defense Ministry,"

He explained the situation and the incident with the Greek Coast Guard:

"While we were thinking that they had come to help us, they towed the ship to Rhodes… They have been searching it for three days, inspecting the documents,"

Yılmaz was ready to cooperate and presented to the Greek police the phone numbers of the firm that was transporting the cargo, and officials of the Libyan ministry.