SK Energy announced oil leak from its oil pipeline

By Accidents
An issue in a oil pipeline of the largest refiner in South Korea, SK Energy lead to a small quantity of oil spill into the east sea area of Korea. According to initial reports there is no impact on the production.

The spokesperson of SK Energy and Ulsan Coast Guard reported that the accident occurred about 230 nautical miles southeast of Seoul. The oil leak happened due to small crack in the second Buoy of the oil pipeline during transfer of crude oil from the crude oil tanker C.Enternity.

The amount of the leaked oil and the damage will be established within short time.

"We are trying to minimise the damage of the oil leak and checking details of the cause," a spokesman for SK Energy said.

The subsidiary of SK Innovation, SK Energy is operator of 2 oil refineries with a total capacity of 1,115 million barrels per day in Incheon and Ulsan. People that were transferring the crude oil of the oil platform smelled the oil and instantly halted their work, which prevented an additional leak of crude oil, informed the Coast Guard of Ulsan.

The worst oil spill in South Korea was in 2007 when a Hong Kong-flagged tanker ship involved in a collision released about 10,500 tonnes of oil around the Taean coast.