Typhoon Yolanda lists M/V Andrea Princess, 2 dead, 15 rescued and 5 still missing

By Accidents
On Saturday, November 9, M/V Andrea Princess, a cargo ship, was caught at the height of the Typhoon Yolanda in the Eastern Samar. The incident caused two deaths, five crew members are still missing and the other fifteen are saved.

The Philippine Coast Guard reported that the vessel tried to hide in Ando Island, Borongan, Eastern Samar but it was caught by the severe seaway. That caused the listing of the ship, she drifted and later stranded.

The victims of the incident are the 37-year-old Romulo Albios, the ship's Chief Mate and the 35-year-old Alexander Stallo, Crane Operator. Their death was announced at the nearest hospital in the province. The other 15 crew members taken there are alive.

Ruffy Gerlingo, personnel of Coast Guard Sub-Station (CGSS) Borongan and a resident of Barangay Campisan, Borongan City, gave the report earlier. The rescue operation was contucted immediately by the PNP rescue team and City Disaster Risk Reduction, the Management Council (CDRRMC) and representatives of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Catbalogan and CGSS Borongan.

The rescued crew members are under a medical treatment in the nearest hospital in the province.

Pesronnel of PNP rescue, CDRRMC and CGS Catbalogan continue searching the 5 missing sailors identified as: 

  •   A/E Ian Dasas, 22-year-old
  •   A/E Ricky Neil Galegao, 21-year-old
  •   Oiler Reuben Jason Quesada, 29-year-old
  •   APO Cement Representative Convoy, 28-year-old
  •   A/B Cesar Bogo, 42-year-old
In the hospital are:

  •   Elmer Fano, 31-year-old
  •   Edwin Elnas, boat swain, 42-year-old
  •   Gesmo Martines, 33-year-old
  •   Michael Lemoneras, oiler, 31-year-old
  •   Margelino Bagdoc, oiler, 31-year-old
  •   Ever Tamoy, chief cook, 64-year-old
  •   Lolito Ortega, crane operator, 40-year-old
  •   Tapinit Leonilo Jr., 24-year-old
  •   Jayson Galas, 20-year-old
  •   Kier Kevin Roy Cagampang, 17-year-old
  •   Noly Sales, 29-year-old
  •   Charley Nillos, 22-year-old
  •   Ronel Matias, 25-year-old
  •   Benjie Daig, 23-year-old
  •   Ricardo Gallego Jr., 48-year-old