U.S. Navy to declare Boeing's P-8A Spy aircraft ready for use

By Curious
A long range marine surveillance aircraft, Boeing Co's P-8A, owned by the company's 737 airliner, is prepared for operational use for the U.S. Navy, reported familiar sources with the program.

The U.S. Navy announced its intention to buy 117 new anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare airplanes in order to replace its P-3 spy aircrafts that were constructed by the aircraft builder Lockheed Martin Corp.

The biggest international airplane company, Boeing, was accountable for building the new P-8A aircrafts in 2004 and the first flight of its 1st plane of the series was conducted in 2009.

The way for the planes 1st deployment that will be in December, is paved by the U.S. Navy declaration of "initial operational capability," or IOC, said sources that weren't authorized to say it publicly.

A P-8A airplane will be presented on the air show in Dubai, which starts on Sunday. The company builder of P-8A, Boeing, is also constructing another new 8 airplanes for the Indian government.

The U.S. Navy and Boeing refused any any comment on that matter.

Boeing is currently constructing 27 new P-8A Poseidon airplanes for the U.S. Navy, as to the contracts awarded in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and already delivered 12 of them through October.

Rick Heerdt, program manager of the P-8A Boeing program announced that the program is facing all expenditures and schedule milestones as Boeing ramps up production and aircraft deliveries.

The new P-8As aircraft will have an extended global reach, bigger operating altitude, wider payload capacity and an open systems architecture, which will make it simpler to add future upgrades. Moreover, the new Boeing airplane is going to secure more combat abilities for the U.S. Navy using less infrastructure and smaller force compared to the P-3s.