Egypt makes sure U.S. ships to cross safely the Suez

By Vessels

Egypt will make everything possible U.S. ships to cross the Suez Canal without any problems. Security measures has been tightened because of the U.S. Navy ships passing the waterway.

Egyptian military and security teams are trying their best to prevent any threats against the U.S. battleships in the canal. Al Qaida-aligned and Muslim Brotherhood members prepare terrorist attacks in order to impose their right. Their main targets are foreign warships passing the Suez Canal

Egyptian military forces are aware that main targets will be U.S. Navy vessels.

A week ago, the U.S. Navy’s USS Nimitz aircraft carrier was sailing through the canal (193 km) and completed the voyage for 14 hours. The U.S. ship was sailing to Red Sea and Egyptian military forces decided to send 2 Egyptian Air Force helicopters to protect the vessel from any threats.

Security measures had been taken because of the attacks 2 months ago when a Chinese cargo ship was under fire with rocket-propelled grenade. 

The complicated political situation for the moment has no significant impact over the foreign ships passing through the Suez Canal and marine traffic volumes are not affected. There is decline of 6% for the first half of 2013 of the shipping traffic through the Suez Canal.

The waterway is important for the transit of U.S. military vessels going to Afghanistan and the Gulf of Aden. On the 2 sides of the canal were deployed Egyptian military troops in order to prevent terrorist attacks in the 160 km long canal.

Vessels moving slowly are main target of terrorists because of their speed making them an easy target. Underwater diesel depots with 334, 000 liters were destroyed recently. 

Egyptian officials are working to improve the communications and the infrastructure of the canal in order to create quick response of possible threats.