15-Month High of Somali Pirate Hijackings

By Curious

Pirates of Somalia hijacked ten vessels in March, the most since December, 2010, and may attack bigger merchant ships this month, AKE Intelligence said.
There were 4 seized ships used for more attacks, rather than being held for ransom, said Rory Lamrock, a piracy analyst at the Hereford, England-based security and risk-assessment firm.
“Syndicates of the pirates are going to be encouraged by the latest hijackings, spurring them on to conduct more attacks in the coming weeks,” Lamrock said. “Weather conditions were also forecast to be comparatively calm in April, which is going to make it more simple for pirates to launch skiffs and gain access to the deck of a targeted ships.”
The attacks of the Somali pirates rose to a record 237 in 2011 with ransoms value more than $160 million paid to release 31 hijacked ships, a One Earth Future Foundation statement showed. Pirates based in Somalia cost governments and the shipping industry as much as $6.9 billion last year, One Earth estimates.
Pirates are holding 13 ships with a total of 197 hostages, according to the London-based International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Centre.