U.S. Navy ship hit by drone during training

By Accidents

An aerial target drone crashed into a U.S. Navy ship near California 2 days ago. 2 people are with minor burns according to official information. 

In the time when 2 navy ships were having an training exercise in radar tracking at sea, they were surprised by an aerial drone which malfunctioned and crashed with the USS Chancellorsville, guided-missile cruiser. 

The injuries are not so serious according to officials. But the damage done by the aerial drone could have been far more serious considering the number of people on board - 300. USS Chancellorsville is not damaged and is able to continue its course. But a decision had been made the navy ship to return to its home port of San Diego to be examined.

There is currently an investigation what was the reason for the malfunction of the aerial drone and why crashed into the U.S. Navy ship USS Chancellorsville.