Ex crew members alleged for planing to sink boat for money

By Vessels

Information from the U.S. Attorney:
2 ex crew members of the fishing boat Alexander Two who admitted to participating in a scheme to sink the vessel off the coast of Cape May in 2009 August in exchange for money were sentenced to prison today.
Erik James, 40, of Goshen, N.J. and Christopher Martin, 40, of Wildwood, N.J. were sentenced to 30 months in prison.
The defendants participated in a plot to sink the Alexander Two so that boat's owner, Scott Tran, 38, of Cherry Hill, N.J., could receive $400 000 on an insurance policy with State National Insurance Company.
In July 2009, Tran paid to a captain for the boat, whom Tran and his right-hand man, Manh Nguyen, 58, of Philadelphia, solicited to sink the ship in return for money. The captain recruited people, including James and Martin, to help him sink the boat.
In addition to the prison terms, crew members were sentenced both to three years of supervised release and ordered them to pay restitution of $83 000 to the U.S. Coast Guard.