2 people dead after an explosion at Antwerp refinery

By Accidents

2 people died in a blast at Antwerp refinery according to Total information. The oil and gas company informed:

"We regret two fatalities,"

At there was information only for 1 dead and 2 missing people, but in the second statement from Total it was clear already that the victims were two. The oil and gas French company said that the two victims were working in a sub-contractor.

The incident happened in the middle of the day on the premises of Total Raffinaderij in Antwerpen. The place is ranked 3rd biggest in Europe owned by Total with capacity of turning 17 million tonnes of crude oil for a year in petrol, diesel and kerosene. 

A Total representative informed that a malfunction in the steam-pipes system caused the explosion. All work in the area of the incident is stopped. All of the employees were evacuated and operation for securing the location are taking place.

The French gas and oil company assured that there was no threat for the environment. Emergency plans had been activated.

Total have made an investment of $1.35 billion  in order the complex to process over 340,000 barrel-per-day.