3 tugs needed to refloat grounded CSL Niagara in Moseley Channel

By Accidents
Crew members of the grounded cargo ship CSL Niagara along with USCG Marine Safety Unit Toledo, Station Marblehead in Ohio and Lloyd's Register managed the refloating of the ship that grounded near Snadusky in Ohio on Monday night.

The grounded ship CSL Niagara, a bulk ship flying the Canadian flag and operated by the V. Ships was loaded with almost 30,000 metric tons of coal when she grounded in the Moseley Channel.

The refloating process of the grounded bulk carrier CSL Niagara was conducted by 3 tug boats, contracted by V. Ships and assisted by the favorable wind condition and the increased levels of the water.

A maritime surveyor from Lloyd's Register observed and tested all naviagation and propulsion equipment of the CSL Niagara after she was freed, and verified no damage to the ship's hull.

Maritime authorities in the Ohio region and USCG reported that there was no pollution after the ship was un-grounded.

A team of professionals of the USCG is currently investigating the accident with CSL Niagara.

The Coast Guard investigation into the incident is ongoing.