UK Navy, RAF rescue 7 people

By Accidents

7 Polish sailors were saved by Navy and RAF rescue crews who dealed with bad weather conditions to save the people from their stricken ship.
The Carrier was driven aground around Colwyn Bay in North Wales in storms – but all aboard were protected thanks to a 3-hour rescue mission conducted by HMS Gannet and RAF Leconfield.
The Carrier, with 7 Polish crew, carrying tonnes of stones and 40 000 l. of fuel aboard, was driven aground in bad weather close to Raynes Jetty at Llanddulas near Colwyn Bay.
A Sea King from HMS Gannet in Prestwick was first on scene shortly before 10pm. 5 of 7 sailors were rescued.
The rest of the people were stuck on the Carrier for about 2 hours until the aircraft from RAF Leconfield, just north of Hull, arrived in place at the North Wales bay and successfully saved the remaining ship’s crew.