U.S. Greenpeace ship captain freed on bail by Russian court

By Curious

The U.S. captain of the Greenpeace ship that was detained and jailed in Russia for trying to board an offshore oil platform in the North Sea is released on bail. Peter Willcox was arrested after sailing with the ship Arctic Sunrise and participated in the "boarding" of the oil platform owned by the Russian company Gazprom. The Prirazlomnaya oil platform was "attacked" by Greenpeace activists a month ago. The Greenpeace members wanted to protest peacefully but that did not work as planned. They did not have chance to board the platform and was quickly arrested by Russian authorities.

The Greenpeace activist was in St. Petersburg and was freed by judges on bail. The U.S. captain of the Greenpeace icebraker was charged with piracy along the other 27 Greenpeace environmental activists but later they were charged with hooliganism.

Greenpeace gave some information about the case in special statement:

"For now, the foreign nationals will stay at safe place in St. Petersburg,"
"There is still no clarity on when the Arctic 30 can leave Russia and finally be able to return home."

A total of 29/30 people have been granted bail just 1 Greenpeace member, Australian Colin Russell, had his request for bail denied. He insists the oil platform is dangerous and it will destroy the fragile Arctic environment, allegations that Russia denies. That was the 2nd time when the same Russian oil platform is "attacked" by Greenpeace activist. It is the 1st offshore oil-rig in the Arctic.

Background information:

Russian military team boarded the Greenpeace owned Arctic Sunrise ship on Sept. 19 and detained all crew members because of the threat over a Gazprom oil platform. Greenpeace activists have been protesting against oil exploration in the Arctic but they went to far in their actions. Armed Russian Guards boarded the Arctic Sunrise and took measures, the activists were "aggressive and provocative" according to Russian authorities. The crew members of the Greenpeace owned ship tried to stop the work of a state owned Russian(Gazprom) oil rig, the firs oil rig in the Arctic.