Xiang Hua Men rescued by Iran navy

By Piracy

Chinese FM(Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi) has expressed gratefulness to Iran for its happy rescue of a hijacked Chinese vessel and the 28 Chinese crew members on board.
The Xiang Hua Men freighter(carrying iron), a Panama-registered cargo vessel managed by Nanjing Ocean Shipping Co. (NASCO) in Jiangsu Province, was hijacked by Somali pirates at about 8:40 am on Friday in the Sea of Oman near Iran's southern port of Chabahar.
The sailors were rescued on the same day and all 9 pirates were disposed by the Iranian navy forces.
The Chinese crew members will each be given $10 000 by NASCO for their courage against the bandits.
9 Somali pirates boarded the vessel after throwing ladders up, opened fire and seized the Chinese sailors. The crew fought with them as they came on board, with the ship's engine becoming damaged in the fracas, according to Han Qun, a consul at the embassy.
While being in hostage, the crew were capable of contacting NASCO, which asked the Chinese government for assistance. Some crew members damaged the engine and stopped all power to the vessel, before jumping over-board under cover of darkness.
They were saved by two Iranian warships that had followed the freighter and forced the pirates to surrender.