At least 10 Haitian migrants perished after ship incident in Bahamas

By Accidents

Some sources give information that more than 30 people died after a Haitian migrants boat crashed due to too many passengers on board in the Bahamas. The U.S. Coast Guard announced that the migrants are trying to reach the hull of the 12m long sail freighter until the rescue teams appeared.

The location of the incident is near the coast of Staniel Clay in the central Bahamas. The crash occurred in the Monday evening. The Coast Guard dispatched MH-60 helicopter and was able to transport 13 people to a safe place, also a rescue raft was delivered to the location of the incident.

Soon after the first air aid 2 aircraft delivered food, supplies and 8 more life rafts.

The Bahamian defence units, which was first at the place of the capsizing of the boat also sent a patrol boat to help the people while alerting the Coast Guard. The search for survivors continues as there are possibilities for people might be still alive and stranded in the water.

All migrants that were lucky to reach the hull are rescued or taken off on to rafts.

There are many deadly incidents during the years for migrant boats carrying passengers. The most common result for the capsizing of the transport boats is the overloading. Too many migrants on board from the near countries Haiti and Dominican Republic are trying to leave their country. On board the most of the migrant vessels safety is at very low level.

Through the years statistics about deadly shipwrecks:

— Feb. 7, 2012: 21 migrants died and 30 missing when overloaded migrant boat crashes near Dominican Republic. Boat was trying to transport about 70 passengers from Dominican Republic to U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

— July 27, 2009: Migrant boat with about 200 Haitians aboard runs aground on reef and sinks off Turks and Caicos Islands. Report shows 119 survivors, 15 confirmed dead and unidentified number missing.

— May 13, 2009: Boat with too many passengers aboard sinks off Florida's coast, At least 9 people perished including infant.

— April 20, 2008: Speedboat transporting about 25 Haitians capsizes just after sailing from Nassau, Bahamas, popular destination for migrants sailing to Florida. Only 3 people survive.

— May 4, 2007: 61 Haitians migrants killed when their overloaded sailboat, with up to 160 people capsizes minutes away from shore of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos Islands. Migrants that survived said the police patrol boat rammed them and towed vessel into deeper water. Report by British inspectors shows no evidence of wrongdoing but adding that the police were ill-equipped to deal with the capsizing.