Fincantieri to build Drill Ship and Semi-Submersible platform for Nuclear Reactor

By Vessels
Fincanteri is going to build a semi-submersible floating platform scheduled to transport the nuclear submarine reactor compartments. It was announced that Fincanteri signed the contract during the Russia-Italy Business Forum in Trieste, Italy. The international ship builder also signed a contract to define plans for securing an advanced technology offshore energy drill vessel.

Contract for the radioactive waste management liftboat

The shipbuilding company was contracted by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) for radioactive waste management and RosRAO, to construct a semi-submersible platform, which is going to be used to transport nuclear submarine reactor compartments. The new floating platform is going to be constructed in the Fincanteri yard in Italy, and is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2015. The floating semi-submersible platform is going to be 27-meters wide, 82-meters long and is going to have 3,000 ton displacement. The floating platform is scheduled to transport the nuclear reactor compartments between the storage zone and White Sea shipyards facing the Kola Peninsula.

Drill-ship design

The shipbuilder Fincanteri announce its collaboration with the Krylov State Research Centre on a project to build a drill vessel, which is going to operate in tough conditions, in full respect of the environment and crew members safety. The new advanced drill ship is going to be navigated in ice up to 1.5 meters thick and ambient temperatures off -40°C. Moreover the new drill ship is scheduled to have a 4-month operational autonomy.

Giuseppe Bono, Fincantieri CEO, commented:
"This day is doubly significant for us: not only has the alliance with our Russian friends been strengthened by the placing of a prestigious order, but the agreement signed today with Krylov launches the operational phase of our collaboration with this prestigious research institute. We’re ready to work together to harness the great potential in the oil & gas industry and in the cruise sector, which is looking towards new areas of development."