Iran detains 2 Saudi fishing vessels, arrests 9 sailors

By Accidents

2 Saudi fishing boats with 9 people on board were detained by the Iranian Coast Guard when entered the Iran's territorial waters. The fishermen violated the southern waters of the country and were carrying electronic and optic tools and equipment.

All the people were arrested and it became clear that they are from different nationalities.

In the start of this year there was similar incident. Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps forces arrested 1 Saudi vessel breaking the Iran's territorial waters but later was sent back with all crew members.

The first month this year Saudi Arabia stopped 2 Iranian boats with 21 people on board 40NM off the Saudi coast.

There is a tension between Shi'ite Muslim power Iran and Sunni Muslim-led Saudi Arabia and similar incidents happen few times each year. Saudi Arabia is suspicious that Iran is developing nuclear program, but Iran denies the charges.