Canadian arrested for trying to send classified information to China

By Curious

A Canadian man was arrested for trying to send classified information to the Chinese government and was hoping to make money from the info about Canada's warship building plans. Police detained Qing Quentin Huang, 53, of Burlington, Ontario. The arrested man was sent to the court yesterday and faced charges for communicating with a foreign entity under the Security of Information Act.

The current job of Qing Quentin Huang was in Lloyd Register, a ship design sub-contractor to Irving Shipbuilding. Police announced that the man was trying to sell the classified information for the construction of patrol ships, naval ships, science research vessels and ice breakers. The main idea behind this crime was probably the man was trying to make money and acted alone.

Canadian police informed:

"In these types of cases, sharing of information may give a foreign entity a tactical, military or competitive advantage by knowing the specification of vessels responsible for defending Canadian waters and Canadian sovereignty,"

Years of research and planning information could at first place endanger Canadian defending strategy or this info could lead to competitive and economic advantage to those that have it. Mr Huang's crime was discovered 4 days ago and the fast reaction of the Canadian police stopped the threat for the safety and security of the country.

Canada's foreign affairs department informed China authorities and both side are working on the case. 

Mr Huang is expected to be again in the court in 2 days for a bail hearing. The maximum penalty is life in prison if he is found guilty.

In the past there was another similar incident involving a Canadian navy intelligence officer who was sent to prison for 20 years for sending military info to Russia.

The name of the man Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle and he had access like a worker to a naval intelligence center with common information shared between Canada, the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. He was in the Russian embassy in Canada in 2007 and offered the gathered information for money.