The story of a tugboat cook found in air pocket underwater 3 days after Chevron vessel sank

By Curious

A tugboat cook was found alive underwater in an air pocket 3 days after his vessel Jascon 4 sank. The video bellow shows the extraordinary story of the man saved by divers. The cook was 3 days under water. was completely exhausted and it is a miracle that he is alive. The vessel the man was aboard sank off Nigeria's coast with total 11 crew, 10 were found dead or remains missing after the tug sank in rough seas on on May 26 this year.

Harisson Okene 29, moved quickly into a compartment in the time of the sinking of the ship and had to stay 30 meters underwater. He had been found after 62 hours.  

Marine specialist said about his case:

"The rescue operation involving helicopters and other vessels swung into action almost immediately,"
"At that time, there was no trace of the crew members ... As internet reports about the accident continued to develop, the realisation grew among the divers that there could still be survivors of the Jascon 4, trapped in an air pocket."

Divers were from a company based in Netherlands that was actively involved in the project had been sent to the location where the tragedy happened. At the exact location of the sinking they discovered a wreck upside down and found the man trapped underwater.

The cousin of the saved tugboat cook informed that Mr Harisson had been transported to the southern city of Warri and after examinations of the doctors he had been ordered to do nothing in the next days. Harisson Okene according to the doctors was doing fine considering the circumstances and the shock.

The tugboat of the cook had sunk southern Nigeria's Escravos, Chevron oil terminal. Bad weather conditions were the reason for the tragedy according to Chevron. The operator of the tug revealed information that in the time of the incident the tugboat was participating in a towing operation of a tanker.

Background information:

Nigeria takes 1st place like the Africa's biggest oil producer and Chevron is on of the major operators in Nigeria.