Theresa Bitung tanker that broke in two, still afloat

By Accidents
Theresa Bitung tanker ship that encountered fire in engine room and broke in two on 27 November, 2013 was in position 06 17.5N 109 02.5E yesterday, 2 December. The damaged tanker ship drifted about 250 n.m. in southern direction from the position she reported fire onboard.


The Vietnamese Coastal Information System Station that received the distress signal instantly alerted the S&R units in the region of the accident and tried to contact the tanker for further information but didn't get any response.

Later on the same day, Vietnamese Coast Guard confirmed that tanker ship Theresa Bitung encountered fire in the engine room and crew members completely lost control of the ship. All people were forced to abandon the damaged Theresa Bitung vessel.

According to reports, relevant agencies were requested to assist the distressed tanker vessel and got feedback from the vessels operating in the area of the accident to support the burning Theresa Bitung tanker.

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