It’s almost Christmas season and while the entire population celebrates this time with their families, the Filipinos working abroad show their love a bit differently. These people are the real heroes who willingly stay away from their families and friends just to give a good life to their loved ones back home. They feel lonely and frustrated, working for strangers and not being able to go home even once a year, but they still never complain. Here’s how overseas Filipino workers make up for the distance.

How Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) Keep the Family Bond Strong Across the Seas

Sending gifts on special occasions

Even though it's difficult to be present with loved ones on every occasion, the overseas Filipino workers make sure to send gifts and make their presence felt. There are so many gift options available online like personalized jewelry, chocolate boxes, children books, and no matter which one you choose; your family will appreciate your efforts. Being present on anniversaries, birthdays and graduation is undoubtedly important but if you can’t, sending gifts is a great means to show your love.

Maintaining strong family bonds while abroad

Despite the time zone differences, the overseas Filipino workers make sure they talk to their kids at least once in a day. Although they could not attend the music concert with the children, they never miss out on an opportunity to ask them about it afterward and listen carefully. They usually set time aside in order to connect with their loved ones back home through Facetime or plain text messages. A simple hello, or a few words of motivation is all that’s needed to strengthen family bonds across borders.

Transferring funds to loved ones

The Filipinos working abroad may not be able to attend important occasions, but they never forget to make their loved ones feel their presence. Sure, they are not present to console in case a family member falls sick, but they do provide financial support to pay the bills. They are not present to accompany their children to their school, but they send money for school trips and tuition fees. They are not there for birthdays, but they shell out money so that their children can buy gifts for themselves. And while money is not everything, it’s certainly is a great way to compensate for the long distance.

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Teaching children the value of hard-earned money

Nothing is more important for Overseas Filipino workers than their families. They work so hard just to provide a better life to their loved ones. While they always fulfill their financial responsibilities and send cash back home as and when required, they know how important it is to pass on good financial habits to the young ones. They ensure that their kids know the importance of saving and budgeting money. This knowledge will help them in the future, and maybe they won’t have to stay continents apart from their children in order to give them a comfortable life.