What makes a Royal Caribbean ship the best for your kids? In other words, what activities or characteristics does the ship line need to have to be the best for your kids? Well, the personnel better love kids and treat them like gold, the ship better have food kids like, activities the kids like to engage in. Kids love to swim while on summer vacation. 

Best Royal Caribbean Ships for Kids

The ports should fun-filled places for kids to visit. Kids like to stay on the move and stay busy all the time so a theme park or two at the ports will not hurt a thing. Zoos, shopping malls will never hurt anything either. This article will explore what the best Caribbean ships are for kids.  

Royal Caribbean Cruise was founded in 1968 by Anders Wilhelmsen & Company, Gotaas Larsen and I.M. Skaugen & Company. Isak Martinius Skaugen was a Norwegian sea captain and businessman. In 1916, he founded I. M. Skaugen. He was born in 1875 and died at the age of 87 on 26 December 1962. In 1982, Royal Caribbean received global recognition when it launched the giant Song of America which was the third largest passenger vessel afloat at the time.

Symphony of the Seas

On this particular list has been designated as the number one Royal Caribbean cruise ship for families. This is the line’s newest cruise ship and it is an eye-popper. It has 18 decks filled with activities for families especially children. It has 2200 crew members and is the world’s largest cruise liner as of 2018.

First off it has new revolutionary firsts like glow-in-the-dark laser tag, and other thrilling activities for the kids. It also has some of the popular attractions for kids that have made some of the other ships hits for the young crowd. The sheer size of the ship will attract kids as well because most kids like big.

The ship also some body-defying attractions like a surf simulator for those children who have an adventurous spirit and will love to surf in the real world. This will simulate that real world surfing experience. Kids can imagine they are riding the big waves while they cruise on a ship in the middle of the ocean. 

The ship has a Central Park theme—like Central Park in New York—for children who love to enjoy the outdoors and maybe take a simulated stroll through park trees and down park pathways. Think about this the ship offers a 10-story slide, yes, and a 10-story slide. So, if kids get upset because they have short slides where they live this slide will be a dream come true for them. The ship has plenty of snacks, and food kids love available. The ship has 15 sit down and quick serve eateries aboard. Which is fabulous for kids because kids love to eat in a hurry and keep moving along the journey.

Mariner of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas tied for second

We will start with the “Mariner of the Seas” which is actually one of the bigger ships the Royal line has to offer. The ship made its maiden voyage in 2003 but in 2018 it went a total refurbishing to bring it up to date with the other ships in the line. The ship can accommodate up to 4,000 passengers and the ratio of crew to passengers is 1 to 3 which may spread the crew a little thin. But kids will hardly be concerned about having a personal crew member to wait on them. They will be too focused on having fun on the cruise and enjoying all the activities the ship has to offer. 

The ship has the fan favorite the surf simulator and it has a very popular attraction a virtual reality trampoline where you will find kids hanging out all day. What child does not love bouncing on a trampoline? The ship offers an escape room and an Italian and Japanese restaurants respectively.  

The kids have plenty to due on this ship with youth activities and youth-themed groups as well as with 3 pools and 6 whirlpools which always attract large crowds of young people. The ship offers plenty of eating spaces for the young folks as well. The ship has youth programs and teen lounges for the teens to hang out in. A good place for the young males to meet some young females. 

Radiance of the Seas

This ship tied for second as the best royal Caribbean ships for kids. A couple of reasons for this. The ship cruises through Alaska and the South Pacific. Young people can go on shore in Alaska and enjoy some hikes through the natural wilderness and play in the snow and ice. If a child loves to ski this is the ship for them.

The ship has the most glass of any of the line’s ships. Kids love to look through glass to see the marine life swimming under the ship and don’t forget what child doesn’t love to eye a whale or two. What better vantage point to view whales than at the bottom of the sea. Kids can explore the Alaskan wild. The ship was built in 2001 but was refurbished in 2016 with all the latest amenities for kids.  

The ship is on the smaller side with 2466 passengers being able to occupy the ship at one time. There are 894 crew members so there are plenty of eyes to keep a watchful eye on the kids. The last thing a parent wants is for one of their kids to stray and fall overboard. The crew does its best to prevent this from happening. 

The ship offers mini-golf courses—yes mini golf courses—and it has 3 pools and offers the young jet set plenty of chances to rock climb as well. You cannot beat the combination of rock climbing and mini golf courses and they are for free. The ship offers youth activities and programs as well. You have the perfect environment for your family. 

The nice thing about Royal Caribbean is that they keep their ships in the best condition as many ships have been refurbished since their initial construction. Parents you can trust that your family is floating on a safe ship so you can have peace of mind. The line keeps customer needs and safety as its highest priority. The ship lines also listens to its customer feedback. This is one reason is has been one of the top cruise ship lines for years.

“Harmony of the Seas” tied for fourth with the other two ships

The size of this ship will attract any child as it can occupy 6,687 passengers and boasts a crew of 2,193 crew members so there is 4 passengers for every crew member. Again, kids like a big space to explore and this ship is a big space to explore. 

The ship offers the Royal Caribbean staples for kids the surfing simulator, rock climbing walls, and Ultimate Abyss—a ten story slide and there are a few multi-story waterslides aboard as well. The ship has appropriate age related clubs for the kids and while the kids play the adults can relax. This ship cruises the Caribbean and the Bahamas so if you are looking for a warm weather cruise this is the ship for you and your kids.

“Serenade of the Seas” and “Rhapsody of Seas” tie for the fifth spot

The ship debuted in 2001 but was upgraded in 2012 and 2016 to keep the ship up to times. Get this-for the kids a poolside movie screen. Swim and watch movies and enjoy yourself-kids. Watch your favorite superhero while you swim. The ship offers mini-golf courses and six pools and whirlpools both fun times for kids and the crew was complimented on their outstanding service. The kids can attend age appropriate entertainment in the evening. Do not forget the rock climbing walls which are longstanding favorites of families.

Rhapsody of Seas 

The ship is an old timer debuting in 1999 but it was refurbished in 2017 giving the ship a modern makeover. The ship may not be as fancy as some of the other ships but it still offers plenty of excitement for kids it carries the standard pools and rock climbing walls.

The ship has a crew of about 715 people serving 2416 people so it is about the standard 3 to 1 ratio crew to people ratio. But the ship is a floating carnival for kids and they will have a marvelous time playing on this ship.

Conclusion: There you have it some of the top Royal Caribbean ships for kids. The ship line takes great strides to engineer and build ships that will facilitate families to enjoy their vacation from the first day to the last day. 

The ships contain rock climbing walls, mini golf courses, virtual reality trampolines and youth centered programs. There are 10 story slides and multi-story slides to thrill the heart of every child and adult child. We have discusses some of the most popular Caribbean ships for children. The crew can make the experience very special for children as well. Give the Royal Caribbean ship line a try. You and your kids will not regret the investment.