Dubai is a city that you can choose as your holiday destination without a second thought. Apart from the skyscrapers, the stunning cityscape, and luxurious life, the deep blue sea can seduce all beach bums. The main feature of the iconic landmarks of the city is that most of them are developed on the shore of beautiful waterways. Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, JBR, and Dubai Marina are just a few to mention.

Try the best cruising experiences in Dubai

The city has also designed and developed some exquisite artificial waterways. From all these, it is not difficult to assume that Dubai provides the best cruising experiences. See the two most popular water activities in Dubai, which lure tourists as well as residents.

A luxury yacht

Yachts are the leisure boats that offer premium cruising experience over the Arabian Gulf. The residents often choose them for a weekend picnic with their loved ones. It is also one of the most popular tourist experiences in Dubai. As it is an expensive affair, you are going to steal some glances as you sail across the Palm Jumeirah.

Perks of hiring a yacht in Dubai

Yacht rental has a lot of perks that ensure a huge bang for your buck.

·         Go fishing

While cruising along the sea that is teeming with fish, it is a great idea to try fishing. Yacht charter companies provide complimentary fishing equipment. Be patient, and try your luck. The crew will give you some tips if you are a newbie in fishing.

·         Try watersports

This is like added delight. Those who wish to have endless fun in the yacht can dive into the water and swim along with the schools of fish. You can also try snorkeling as fish look even more incredible when they are at their natural habitat. Inform the crew beforehand so that they will provide the snorkeling gear and stop over at the right spot.

·         Throw a party

When there is a spacious yacht that offers a splendid sightseeing experience, why don’t you celebrate the day with your dear ones? You can’t find a better party venue than yachts. The party cruises have ample room for the guests, state-of-the-art home theatre, and dance floors to make your party like no other. With the views that change every minute, the guests will not have even a moment of monotony.

Probably, most of them would feel that the party ended so fast. The additional services like hostesses, decorations, five-star gourmet meal, cakes, DJ, and luxury transportation are offered to enhance the luxury.

The traditional dhow cruises

Dhows are the traditional wooden boats that have become famous floating restaurants as Dubai turned into a go-to tourist destination. Dhow cruise has a flamboyant appearance with decorative lights and stylish interiors.

·         Sightseeing

Dhow cruises are an excellent option for sightseeing in Dubai. They will cruise around Marina to give you glimpses of the most luxurious spots in the city. The journey starts from the wonderful residential and entertainment destination called Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) and moves through Marina Walk, Marina Mall, and the new Bluewaters Island.

·         Entertainment

In the 2 hours’ cruise, you will lose track of time as every moment is entertaining. The popular attraction in a dhow cruise in Dubai is the Tanoura dance.

·         Dinner

Dhows offer a five-star dinner buffet with Arabian, Asian, and Continental delicacies. The wide variety of dishes, sweets, and desserts are good enough to sate your palate.

Whenever you visit Dubai, make sure that you enjoy the cruising experience with your favorite people. It can fill your holiday with memories that never fade away.