Four suspected pirates arrested in Nigeria

By Piracy

The Nigerian Navy informed that 4 suspected pirates were detained off Bonny Fairway buoy in Rivers. The arrested sea pirates are believed to be behind series of maritime incidents. An announcement from the Nigerian Navy Ship (NNS), Pathfinder reveals that the suspected pirates were detained by the Nigerian Navy Ship, Burutu while patrolling the area.

Commanding Officer of the Forward Operating Base Bonny, Navy Capt. Matthew Daupreye explained that were confiscated: 3 machetes, 4 knives, 3 hammers, cell phones, eye glasses, money, and pumping machines.

Nigerian Navy is trying to extinguish piracy in the area and all maritime criminal activities. The suspected pirates that were arrested were sailing on 2 wooden boats near Bonny Fairway buoy in Rivers. 

"Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects are responsible for various breach of maritime security which disrupts the nation’s economic growth."

The Nigerian Navy will not stop security patrols at the sea and the waterway. Sea piracy and illegal bunkering have to be extinguished. The arrested suspected pirates will be investigated and prosecuted. Nigeria is Africa's leading oil producer, supplier of cocoa and metals, pirates interfere not only in the nation’s economy growth but they have negative impact also on the world maritime industry. 

The main sources of money for the pirates are:

1) Kidnapping - asking for ransom.

2) Bunkering - stealing petroleum products from the pipelines and selling them to the market.