VIDEO - 152-year-old shipwreck found in Lake Huron

By Vessels

Shipwreck enthusiasts believe to have discovered the ship Keystone State. The vessel disappeared 152 years ago in a storm. Divers have not found gold near the shipwreck. A 72-year-old shipwreck hunter told that his team discovered the sidewheel steamer 5 months ago in the Lake Huron, about 50 miles from the last location where the vessel was seen.

The shipwreck was found with the help of side-scan sonar device on a powerboat, the device detected the zebra mussel-covered wreck. It is curious that the boilers, engine and wheels are in good condition considering the time spent under the water surface, only the stern is crumbled and broken up.

The ship Keystone State was built 1849 in Buffalo, N.Y. It was a really big steamship for its time and was sailing on the Great Lakes. Some maritime historians believe that the steamship was transporting immigrants to the Midwest and was transporting also supplies during the Civil War.

A Michigan explorer also believes that the sunken ship is Keystone State. David Trotter who discovered the shipwreck is not sure what exactly happened to the ship. History reveals that onboard the ship were 33 people and in November 1861, while sailing to Milwaukee from Detroit, the vessel ended in the bottom in Lake Huron. Keystone State was 288-foot side-wheel steam ship. On November 8 or 9 in 1861 was seen for the last time in a storm, disabled near Port Austin.

David Trotter announced:

"She literally sailed into oblivion. Nobody heard anything from her,"

Mr Trotter has found, for 40 years, more than 100 shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. The biggest trove in his career is the 283-foot steamer New York that sank also in Lake Huron in 1910. More than 5,000 shipwrecks were discovered on the Great Lakes.

Although shipwreck hunters believe that the steamship was carrying gold and equipment for the Civil War, nothing was found.