UPDATE: Partially sunken tow ship raised from Mississippi river

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Tow boat Stephen L. Colby that partially submerged in Mississippi River, Iowa was raised two weeks after she hit an unidentified object in the river and took on water.

A team of professionals conducted the pullingprocess of the sunken tow ship Stephen L. Colby on Monday after a big crane rigged the ship's bow over the ground. Petty Officer first Class of the USCG, Mariana O'Leary informed that workers pumped out the water, oil and fuel from the sunken ship Stephen L. Colby, as the vessel was lifted from the crane.

Sunken Stephen L. Colby ship was carrying around 99,000 gallons of diesel and oil at the time of the accident on 25 November, 2013 near the LeClaire, Iowa's border with Illinois in Mississippi River.

According to reports on the accident, the fuel and oil leaked into the water was cleaned up. The USCG confirmed that over 88,000 gallons of oily water was recovered from the sunken ship Stephen L. Colby and almost 40,000 gallons of oily water was recovered from the river.

"We have some that's coming out of the boat as we're kind of jostling it around but it's all contained within the booms and we're just keeping that cleaned up," O'Leary said.

Jaclyn Young, spokesperson of the USCG said on Monday noon that damaged Stephen L. Colby ship was completely lifted by the cranes and looked as if she was sitting normally in the water again, even though she was still cradled by the cranes.

Workers that have been lifting the Stephen L. Colby ship were forced to work in extremely cold weather that moved in to the area of the accident.

"It's kind of been really slow because the cold has been freezing the river edges," O'Leary said. "We've had to break through some ice and it's been hampered by that."

The hole with 12 by 30 inches size alon the seam on the bottom of the Stephen L. Colby ship, near the rear, which caused its sinking, was patched by workers and the vessel could be already towed.

Once workers confirm tha the damaged ship Stephen L. Colby does not have any further damages and is ready to sail, the vessel is going to be towed to a commercial repair facility at Wood River, Illinois, which is almost 300 miles downriver.

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