WAN HAI LINES LTD announced on Tuesday (Nov26) its CP1 service (Vietnam-South China-PSW) will be adding Caimep call further to its existing Haiphong coverage in Vietnam for the service. 

WAN HAI LINES expands Vietnam-Transpacific Direct Service

The commencement voyage for Caimep will be 14th December 2019. With the above service expansion, WHL is able to provide customers with 2 direct services from Caimep to Long Beach through its Transpacific service network :

1. CP1: Caimep – Haiphong – Nansha – Hong Kong – Yantian – Long Beach – Yantian – Caimep

2. CP2: Lianyungang – Shanghai – Ningbo – Long Beach – Seattle – Lianyungang

3. CP3: Fuzhou – Nansha – Hong Kong – Yantian – Xiamen-Los Angeles – Oakland – Fuzhou.

4. CEN: Xingang – Qingdao – Shanghai – Los Angeles – Oakland – Xingang

5. CP5: Caimep – Los Angeles – Oakland – Hong Kong – Caimep

By introducing this new transpacific service string, Wan Hai Lines will further strengthen its current service scope among Vietnam and North America corridor and will enhance Wan Hai Lines’ market coverage to better serve customers’ needs.

Source: Wan Hai Lines