Most wanted Somali Pirate captured

By Piracy

Most wanted Somali pirate Mohamed Garad was seized.
The Horn of Africa is more safe at the moment and the fight with the piracy made huge progress.
Mohamed Garad is an ex British soldier was arrested with 12 other suspected pirates on April 4 by Iranian navy after they hijacked a Chinese cargo ship(Xianghuamen (flag Panama, managed by Nanjing Ocean Shipping Company of China)).
Garad was linked to hundreds of pirate attacks with his experience and strikes he earned the name "Carlos the Jackal".
The capture was confirmed by one of his cousins in Mogadishu.
The hijacked ship Xianghuamen was safe about 18:30 local time and all Chinese sailors aboard are safe.(read more).
After all, the pirates gave in. They threw the weapons into the sea and surrendered.