'MI6 spy' arrested in Iran

By Curious

A British "spy" has been arrested in Iran. The man has been detained with allegations for spying for the British intelligence and helping foreign governments to impose sanctions on covert oil shipping operations. The suspected "MI6 agent" had admitted for meetings with British intelligence inside and outside Iran. The "spy" was sending  information about Iran's shipping industry, helping foreign countries to destroy the sector.

An Iranian intelligence specialist informed that the man was gathering and sending data of sanctions-busting activities.

He said:

"We have received further information about the arrested individual that suggests that he has been involved in passing secret data on Iran’s shipping industries and the insurance covers on our oil tankers to the British intelligence services,"

It was concluded that foreign countries could use this secret information to impose more sanctions on Iranian shipping industry. The arrested spy has admitted sending important economic intelligence about where Iran is transporting its oil.

Iran believes that this information was used by foreign countries to impose more and more sanctions.

Additional data for the "spy" is not available, but it is known that he is a 50-year-old, with good education and fluent English, never worked in the government of Iran. He had been under surveillance for 2 months. It is believed the man is a British national. The suspected "spy" could be sentenced to death.

This incident could create a diplomatic crisis. The arrest could encourage Iranian hardliners to disrupt the negotiations with the West about the Iranian nuclear programme. Recent negotiations, for a nuclear deal, were the first contact between the United States and Iran since 1979 hostage crisis and were a step forward for warming the relations with the Middle East. 

The trial is in progress and it is known that the "spy" confessed for gathering information for foreign country. He received instructions from 4 intelligence officers and was accused for working against the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This "spy" incident came after an Iranian representative visited London for negotiations.