Navi Wind ship and crew abandoned in Argentia

By Vessels

The ship Navi Wind is abandoned in Argentia. Crew members are not in good condition, some of them are sick, food is low. The vessel was in Port of St. John’s (Canada) from early 2012 with another name - Lady Remington III, before being changed to Navi Wind.

Gerard Bradbury, of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), informed that Navi Wind had been given permission for depart. The ship headed to Argentia to load some scrap metal and sailed in open sea to Turkey. Few days later, a powerful storm damaged the ship’s power and some of the crew members were injured. Navi Wind had to be towed back to port in Argentia. The Transport Canada detained the ship for more than 25 violations.

It was announced by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) that the crew is suffering. There is no heat in the cabins, insufficient food supply and drinking water shortage. Crew members have not received wages for days.

Do you remember the story of Lyubov Orlova?

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Lyubov Orlova was in St. John’s for many years, crew and the ship were abandoned by the owner. The story of this vessel is curious. Crew members left Lyubov Orlova and the ship disappeared into the North Atlantic after an unsuccessful tow operation(cable broke during the tow operation). The ship ended probably in the bottom of the ocean.

In the moment Navi Wind is detained and the ship's condition is serious. It is a mystery why the vessel was allowed to leave the port at first place. The Navi Winds' cargo is estimated $900,000. 

Gerard Bradbury explained the situation:

"This guy(owner) was just hoping to get his cargo to Turkey and receive payment and just wanted the crew to work for nothing,"

Mr. Bradbury said that the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) will try to take care of the crew members. According to information, two or three of them are very sick.