14 hurt when North Carolina ferry Adventure runs aground

By Vessels

The ferry Adventure ran aground close to the mouth of the Cape Fear River yesterday morning. 14 passengers on board were injured. The ferry is 64-foot long and ran aground few minutes after departing from the city of Southport for Bald Head Island.

The U.S. Coast Guard and other agencies went to the location (near Battery Island, N.C.,) of the incident to help the 'Adventure'. 3 ships were sent to rescue 14 injured passengers from the grounding and they were transported back to their initial starting point - Southport. All of them had to visit a hospital for possible serious injuries. One of the passengers, a woman, was hurt badly and was airlifted.

One of the people on board told that the crash was like "hitting a brick wall" when "Adventure" ran aground.

"We were cruising along. I figure it was full throttle," a shaken and limping Fleming said as he came ashore from a Coast Guard rescue boat. "It was a dead stop." 

A ferry needs no more than 20 minutes to sail from Southport to Bald Head.