The Accident of the Week - MSC Lirica Fly By

By Accidents

There were many many posts, explaining what caused the Costa Concordia sinking early this year… but the single best lesson learned was don’t sail large vessels, especially those carrying thousands of passengers, close to hard objects.
It seems like simple advice, doesn't it? Well it’s a message that some cruise vessel captains have yet to learn. Cruise Junkie, a blog written by Ross Klein, a Professor at Memorial University in Newfoundland, brings us photos of the cruise liner MSC Lirica conducting a flyby of the container ship MSC Lauren in the waters just south of Sicily. According to Klien the Lirica was traveling at a speed of nearly 20 knots on a voyage from Kuwait to Hamburg when the vessel came within 180 meters of the other vessel.
We are unsure what is documented in the of MSC Lirica's captain orders in regard to minimum CPA, or the company’s operating procedures on collision avoidance but, we can say most maritime experts are going to agree, this is not a safe maneuver in open water.