Yellowfin and Capt. Warren tugboats collision in Corpus Christi Ship Channel

By Accidents

A collision between the tugboats Yellowfin and Capt. Warren could have led to a serious environmental disaster in the Corpus Christi ship channel, 2 days ago. The result of the incident was only a hole in the hull of one of the barges. The collision will be investigated by marine specialists from the Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi. 

The two barges collided near Ingleside and now they are being repaired. The tugboats are monitored by marine inspectors. The incident occurred early in the morning at 2am when barges, pushed by the tugboats Yellowfin and Capt. Warren, crashed in the ship channel.

An officer of the Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi told:

"We are very fortunate that there were no injuries to the crew of both vessels and averted a large pollution incident,"
"We have highly trained marine inspectors monitoring the repair process of both barges."

The environmental disaster was possible due to the fact that Yellowfin had 4.2 million gallons of gas oil on board. The barges of Capt. Warren were not loaded. There is no information of injured people or marine pollution. In the time of the incident the Capt. Warren was inbound while the Yellowfin was sailing outbound. It is not known why the barges collided. The undergoing investigation will probably reveal more information about the incident.

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